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Don't just Hire an Insurance Agent

Hire an Expert

Book a virtual meeting with a life insurance expert with over 20 years of experience in Vancouver BC.

We serve clients virtually in British Columbia, Alberta & Ontario

To serve you better we implemented a
4 step process to identify your needs.


Step 1

Meeting Your Needs​

In order to understand your needs, we perform a financial X-ray. This allows us to truly understand your situation.-


Step 2

Program Strategy​

Our work with Canada's premier Life Insurance and Healthcare companies has given us a unique toolbox to provide the perfect solution to your needs.​


Step 2

Implement Solutions​

Our strategy focuses on executing with the correct insurer and providing all underwriting requirements including medical and financial statements.


Step 3

Continual Support

We help you with administrative changes, plan conversion, and cash value assessment / investment statements​

Types Of Protection

Educate Implement Support

Book an appointment today and meet with us for a complimentary no-obligation education and discovery meeting.

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We serve clients across BC, Alberta & Ontario

Trusted by global companies.

Life Insurance Expert combines the expertise of some of the most renowned Insurance carriers in Canada

Trusted by global companies.

Living Benefits Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

A lump sum payment if you get a life-altering illness like cancer, stoke, heart attact and demntia. If you don't get sick, get all your money back!

Disability Insurance

More than one in three adults will suffer a serious disability before age 65. Contrary to the cliché, our single biggest asset is not usually our home but rather our ability to earn an income.

Ask us about how with INFINITE BANKING you can have your cake and eat it too!

Our Team Of Experts Specialize in the following:

Infinite Banking, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Term insurance, Key Man Insurance, Buy-Sell Agreements, Corporate Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Silver Spoon Baby Plan, New Immigrant Life Insurance, Financial Planning Services.