Importance of using a Life Insurance Broker

What is a Life Insurance Broker?

A life insurance broker represents you, the policyholder. They partner with multiple life insurance companies, and offer you the best possible options according to your coverage needs and budget.

You may face difficulties in understanding life insurance , So Many brokers help you in completing your life insurance application for a better chance of approval.

You can use the skills of a broker to help you find the most affordable, suitable and valid life insurance plan for you.

Life Insurance Expert is the best Life Insurance Broker in Vancouver, BC who is always focused in helping you and finding you out the best insurance plan for you with over 15 years of experience. Get in touch today.

What does a Life Insurance Broker do?​

Importance of using a life insurance broker

A life insurance broker is a free agent who has connection with all the best life insurance companies in the local are or country. His job is to researching on your Earnings, Expenses and Liabilities and compare all the life insurance plans and get the best plan that will give you highest value.

A broker can assist with every step of the application and answer any of your questions.

Below, we’ve listed the best reasons why we believe that using a life insurance broker can help you find the perfect life insurance policy.

1. Save Money:

We all love to get the best result within the minimum price. Life insurance brokers search for a variety of policies to help you save money and secure the most suitable cover, at the best price.

At Life Insurance Expert, we do not charge a fee for our award-winning services and there is no obligation to take any policy after questioning.

You may be wondering how life insurance brokers will get paid if we don’t pay a fee. Life insurance providers will pay the broker a commission on their sales.

This is why insurers prefer that you go directly to them and they can encourage it by providing life insurance with free gifts. However, you can go straight and miss the best deals.

Always compare quotes because the cost of life insurance premium for the same level of cover can vary significantly


2. Ease of use:

Importance of using a life insurance broker 1

It’s not just banks and building societies that nowadays sell life insurance by offering policies with many retailers.

This can be very much confusing when you will start researching on different markets and will be presented with hundreds of options.

Going directly to your bank, pawnbroker or supermarket will not guarantee a cheaper premium (as their offer may be limited).

A life insurance broker is able to compare different types of policies from a wide range of insurers.

Life Insurance Expert has connection with all the top Life Insurance Providers in Canada and this enables us to refine your search, allowing you to focus on policies that can meet the needs of you and your loved ones.


3. Jargon Explained:

Do have a clear understanding of the difference between Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance? What about Universal Life Insurance?

It is important to understand exactly what your options are, not just for peace of mind but to make sure your policy is valid (and therefore paid!)

Using a broker means you can talk to a real person who can fully explain all the terms and conditions of life insurance.

We the best Life Insurance Broker Vancouver are classed as a non-consulting brokerage. This means that we do not offer life insurance advice or advice on which specific policy you should cover (leaving you in complete control of your decision).

All we will do is use the personal information you provide to identify a number of appropriate policy options, allowing you to make informed decisions.

You can take advantage of our experienced team to explain any insurance term you may not understand.

Compare Life Insurance Quote !

4. Provide information:

A good broker can give you a clear idea of ​​how different life insurance policies work.

From explaining the process of taking a policy to paying premiums and how to make a claim, we have the necessary knowledge to support you.

If you do not work in the industry, you are less likely to be familiar with all the ins and outs of life insurance, so this support can be really helpful. The Best Life Insurance Broker is always available to provide you the best information that helps you most.


5. Save time:

Whether you are a stay at home parent, working full-time or retiring, your time is valuable.

When you will go to get a proper life insurance policy for you and you will have to research on a wide range of policies. It will kill your time a lot. For an example, you are looking for the best mortgage life insurance. But you are not sure about which mortgage insurance is better. Self-owned or Bank owned life insurance. Researching on this may take a long time. 

So when you will get in touch with a life insurance broker, he will save your time and do the job for you.


6. Peace of mind:

When taking out life insurance for protecting your loved ones and home, you will want peace of mind that you have set up your policy properly.

A good life insurance broker will ensure that all your key questions are answered and that you feel 100% confident in your policy.

From experience, we are aware of common issues and we will quote you for the right product and ask appropriate questions to make sure your cover is appropriate and valid.

It gives you peace of mind that your family is completely safe if you are no longer close enough to take care of them financially.


7. A broker works for you:

Remember, a Life Insurance Broker works for the client not for the insurer. He focuses on your unique needs and finds out the best policy that suits your needs.

Life Insurance expert, is providing service to the citizens of Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, West Vancouver. We focus our clients needs and do our best to guide them to get the best Life Insurance Plan for them. We are always available. 

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