Group Benefits

Adding a permanent participating life insurance policy to your financial plans can improve the rate of return and reduce the risk in the investment portfolio.

What can life insurance bring to your investment plan?​



Rate of return


An Instant Legacy


Part of the premium for participating whole life insurance flows into the company's participating account and is invested. You benefit from a diversified mix of investments including a significant fixed-income portfolio for stability; and a combination of non-fixed investments including equities for long-term growth. You are eligible to participate in the earning of the participating account through dividend payments.


Once a dividend is paid, it is 100% vested and can never be taken away. Plus, the cash value of the policy will never decrease, regardless of market conditions.

Rate of Return

Dividends that accumulate within the policy grow on a tax-advantaged basis. This offers the potential for a higher rate of return than non-registered savings vehicles that are taxed annually.


Access to the cash value? without the time restrictions of locked-in investments or the market volatility of equities.

An instant legacy

Tax-free payment at death to your beneficiarylies).
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