A Global Pandemic Should Get You Thinking about Life Insurance

Life insurance doesn’t insure your life. It insures your family’s ability to continue on without being financial devastated. A good number of people believe they won’t die anytime soon but with an ongoing pandemic, that mindset is starting to change.

“Wear masks, wash your hands, and limit the number of people in your bubble to protect those you love”. These are the precautions constantly being broadcasted to remind us that the sacrifices we make now is to protect our loved ones. But what about protecting our loved ones financially? The financial burdens brought on by Covid-19 around the world should get you thinking about a financial safety plan that will protect the most important people in your life. So the first financial safety plan to come to mind should be life insurance

Understanding Life Insurance

Some take it easy by just signing up with their employer’s group life insurance.  There’s no need for a medical check up. Others get it free from their company.  However, the company may not provide enough coverage, and if their employment terminates, they won’t have protection. They may also have difficulties buying individual life insurance if they have medical problems and need more coverage.

Are You Insurable?

Most life insurance requires medical exams, blood tests, and/or health records before a policy is issued. If you have health problems, life insurance companies may deny your application, or they may charge a higher rate.  This is similar to how car insurance treats drivers with bad driving records.

It is always advised to buy life insurance as soon as you can while you are healthy and insurable. Buying early is also wise because you may qualify for better rates. Don’t wait too long, because when you have a health issue it may be too late. You might find out that you are no longer insurable.

Some policies can be issued without medical exam or with limited medical questions. These forms of “guaranteed” policies typically charge higher premiums and are only available on lower coverage amounts.

How to Buy Life Insurance?

Many people find it complicated and confusing to buy life insurance. However, understanding how life insurance works can be a breeze when you are working with a professional.
Buying life insurance is no different than the many other things you purchase on a daily basis. You buy it by its unit costs.

AgeCO1/1,000100K Policy
35$1$1 x 100=$100/year
36$1.10$1.10 x 100=$110/year
37#1.20$1.20 x 100=$120/year
38$1.30$1.30 x 100=$135/year
39$1.50$1 x 100=$100/year

The costs escalates greatly as the years go by. Don’t wait to buy life insurance, contact us at 604- 805-1748 to find out which plan bests suits the needs of you and your loved ones.

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